My name is Daniel Morris; I’m a Designer and Web Developer based in and around Lancashire in the UK.

I have been jumping in the deep end of internet technology for around 10 years now, working on various personal, commercial and charity projects, because of this I have developed a wide range of skills; front end development, design, and back end development.

Today my main focus is in front end development but with experience in these three areas, I can work on a project with the full scope of a project in mind. Having that knowledge is what clients have found to be extremely valuable as I am able to easily integrate with and provide experience and advice on all aspects of a project.

My work is produced with great attention to detail, and a passion for creating stylish, beautiful websites. I believe that every project can have a unique identity and needs to be attractive and eye-catching. That’s why I aim to create memorable, user-friendly web sites for each project I am involved in.
I enjoy the challenge of taking on new projects and I’m constantly improving and developing my skills and abilities, so if you have anything you would like to discuss, please get in touch.

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Random Facts

3Average number of code experiments created per week.
130Average number of hours spent working on the computer this month.
5Average number of cups of coffee I have in a day while working.
65Number of dogtags taken in Battlefield 4 on PC